Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Good evening.
My name is Kim Broadbridge. I am graduating this Spring with a Bachelor of Fines Arts in Animation. After graduation, I plan to return home to New Orleans to pursue a career in the animation industry.

I entered MCA as a freshman with intentions of being an animation major. Four years have passed since then and I can't believe how much I've learned and accomplished during my MCA experience. Through the good times and not so good times, I have made the greatest friends I've ever had during my time at MCA, and I'm definitely not the same person I was when I started here as a Freshman. I will deeply miss the friends and the classmates I've grown so close to during the last four years. I wish the best of luck to those friends and the rest of the graduating class.

Now, please enjoy my Senior piece.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Indie Memphis

My piece "The Egret" is gonna be in the Indie Memphis student show!! wooooooooo!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Career Fair

The career fair for me went well. Participating was a good experience and I received good feedback and got to do some networking. All of my interviewers enjoyed my work and said it was good. One told me that I should make a cartoon series on the web and another said that New Orleans is a great place to be right now for creative people. What I need to do b/c it was recommended is to make a demo reel of the commercial work I have done or add it to my reel. I think that I established good rapport with all my interviewers and I wasn't nervous, but the experience was good practice for interviews I will have in the future.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

STAR Answer

Give me an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker or fellow student on a project. How did you handle the situation? What were the outcomes?

S- In my surface design class that I took my last semester of college, a fellow student and I were assigned to work on a collaborative piece together. Developing the concept was the first vital step before going to work, but the subject matter and ideas that my collaborator mainly focuses on in her own artwork vastly differed from mine.

T- The collaboration project focused on the alteration of fabric. We had to chose textile articles and alter their normal perceptions and form an artists statement for our project concept.

A- My collaborator and I began working by first brain storming, but I couldn't help but noticed that our general ideas were very opposite from each other. My collaborator had a concept in her head, but she wasn't communicating her ideas to me clearly. Her ideas were all scattered and I initially couldn't put my finger on exactly what she was trying to convey. I can tell that her idea was one that I normally wouldn't work with, but I wanted to push myself to try new things and to fully & clearly understand her idea.

We had already picked out some materials to work with from when we were brain storming and messing with an idea. After our first meeting with the teacher, she told us that our concept needed further developing, so I took notes on everything she suggested to us and decided to take control of the situation. After the meeting with the teacher, I asked my collaborator if we could sit down and visually map out our concept.

While preparing for discussion, I told her to put all of our materials away in my locker so that we can just focus on our concept at hand. We sat down and I took out a pen and some paper and began asking my collaborator basic questions so I can visually write out her concept through her simple answers. In time, I began to understand her idea more and more and began to take the concept and logically break it down. From there, I was able to break down the concept to support the 6 ideas and suggestions the teacher had given us. So, in about half an hour, we had a finely developed concept and what I had written down from our meeting was all the information I needed for writing our artists statement.

R- We evenly split up the work and our project resulted in a success. We received supportive and positive feedback in critique. My collaborator and I both worked with ideas and subject matter we usually wouldn't work with and the teacher was impressed with our project.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Job/internship positions & info

  1. Vanguard Film and Video Production, LLC- Visual Effects/2D and 3D Animation Internship
    • To be included with the application:
      • Copy of your resume/reel (if applicable)
      • Samples of your work
      • Answers to the following questions:
      • What internship are you applying for?
      • What do you wish to accomplish from this internship?
      • What can you contribute to Vanguard FVP?
      • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
      • What is your availability?
      • Do you have a reliable source of transportation
      • Do NOT send resume as text in body of email
      • contact via e-mail

  2. Creative Alliance of New Orleans- Organization for promoting the film and video industry in the New Orleans area
    • Internship
      • Contact Katherine Bray for more information in internship opportunities


  4. This is a great site for finding jobs within the digital media field!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Link that helped me find jobs and companies.

I think that getting my name out there is really important to get started in the industry. I have made one informational interview this year with Bayou effects back home. Here is a list of other companies that do animation back home that I can personally visit and hopefully land a job back home.
Bipolarbear Productions (features work using cut-out animation in AE and many other types of animation)
Maison Post LLC (a little different from what I'd like to do, but worth checking out)
The Mothership FX & Post - Odin Lindblom (C.E.O.) (Services include editing, compositing (including blue/green screen removal, visual effects, animation, motion graphics and titling, color correction, dvd menus and more)
420 Hickory Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70123
duMonde Visual Effects (has a link for Jobs)
Vidox Motion Imagery (a little distance from home, but does animation)
REC Studio

I honestly would love to one day have a company of my own.
It would be of my best interest to meet all of these companies personally and get information on how they got their start plus I can distribute out my resume and portfolio.
I'm very excited to have found these companies that I've never heard of before. I think New Orleans offers lots of opportunity.

Desperate Out of town job options:

Stuff to "Brag" about

Internship at Robert Berning Productions- Metairie, LA 2010
  • made animated assets for local Ford dealership commercial/music video (popping balloons, animated arrows, exploding shapes, exploding light bulb, organ grinder)

  • produced commercial about Louisiana shrimp via Avid with own footage

Freelance job for David Cardwell (DnA Productions)- Folsom, LA 2010
  • animated pig for Grumpy's BBQ commercial

Participation in MCA Spring 2011 BFA Show Part 1
(2 Digital animation pieces)
  • The Egret
  • Undressed

Interview with Bayou Effects- Covington, LA 2011

Interview with Jack Meyers- 2011